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Background and Family

Mr. Vibhu Maurya is an enigmatic young entrepreneur who started his journey from a humble background of civil engineering. He belongs to an elite family with immensely successful parents as well, his father being a politician and his mother being a lawyer by profession, He is also heir of one of the most influential political family in Madhya Pardesh and Uttar Pradesh. So he had the zest to be a dedicated patron to every endeavour he embarked in his life. In, 2014, Maurya completed his formal studies in engineering and was motivated to work in the real estate industry.
Young Vibhu had a diversified suite of interests in data mining, digital currency revolution, stock markets and various other standard scopes of enterprises, where he came forth with the great contribution of innovation and resourcefulness.

Career Life

As time passed, Maurya decided to formulate a company of his own with selfless passion and prerogative diligence. He started his dream venture from a scratch with just an investment sum of  INR 1Lacs and then life unfolded him endless opportunities to grip the best.

Maurya’s eccentric vision and incomparable passion lead him to a path from where he never had to look back. Presently, He is the Founder & Director of companies named Sadbhav Minerals PVT Ltd., Maurya Devbuild Pvt. Ltd., Oracle Realinfra Pvt. Ltd. and Sadbhav Group Ltd. in London (UK).  Vibhu’s company Sadbhav Minerals is the owner of four manganese mines which is the hallmark juncture of his business.

Maurya was interested in the Bollywood Industry to a great deal and made his first debut investment in the movie “Bhagte Raho”. He formulated his self-owned production company ANT Entertainment which caused a buzzing controversy with its success and performance.

Evolution of Maurya’s Interest in Trading and Stock Markets

Vibhu is envisaging towards a brand new digital intervention by flexing his new launch of Forex Crypto and Oil Trading. It is an AI-based platform where evaluation and testing has been ongoing for a year almost and it has excellent outcome as the AI robotics has the power to manage the risks associated smartly without any human interaction. His most recent startup specialized in AI robotics technology-based company named “Techy Trading” is embarking on an escalating market of innovation and has long term goals to intervene into the market of digital currency along with the online trading platform According to him the only thing that make you successful is your Mindset “ Mindset is the key to both success and failure” – Vibhu Maurya
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