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Top among 100 Investment Group in the world
has a new startup “Techy Trading "we invested in lots of startups like Forabex and Undigit in the USA and they are doing quite well. So we are now coming up with a superb Startup which will change the entire Finance sector. Just like a New Normal post-COVID, Digital Currency will be the new normal in the coming years. We’ll Go Public as soon as we launch our Product Officially
These are the few Highlights of the new project.
All You need to know about Techytrader, TechyCoin and Techytrading

1.Techytrader - Hardware Outline

The Techytrader is an AI/ML algorithm based next-generation trading assistant for the digital and investment enthusiasts. You can relax at the back of your couch or Netflix when techytrader will do the magic for you and expand your monetary assets in the background. If you are an interested investor and save time on mundane scanning of digital investments, it is time you opt for Techytrader. After trading , just relax by putting on your projectors and turn your mobile on , so that
you can stay entertained in the mean time and unleash all worries!
Commendable Features : 

● It operates on Voice commands.
● Our device does complex calculations for you by analysing 40 different technical indicators .
● It evaluates market sentiments by real time information.
● It has the capacity to select the best potential trade and execute orders in just a single
● Techytrader persistently upgrades itself with the Machine Learning (ML) algorithm to
escalate the trades and reduce the risk to a potential extent.
● Techytrader is your new best friend as it can solve your monetary management issues real

2.Techycoin- Coin at a glance

Ever heard of Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin?
If not or if yes , we have got the answer covered for you.
Cryptocurrencies are one such digital asset that can fetch you multiple times return than of Oil and
Gold combined in the past decade. However, now the saturation of bitcoin and other digital assets are
becoming prominent. Now, the market has emerged with the Techycoin that will be the new digital
investment game for investors .
● Techycoin is a privacy enabled cryptocurrency which is one of a kind in the industry.
● Listing on biggest exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, Bitfinex will get it
much needed traction of huge trading volume globally.
● TechyCoin will be having a face value of $1/coin upon listing and will continue growing from
● As an initial offering we're topping up your wallets with 10 times the amount you invest with
Escalating towards the smarter digital era armed with the best investments
TechyTrading - The New Digital
Top Highlights of the Upcoming Project :
● The next wave of billionaires will be emerging out of the exponential growth on
● By 2023 we project our app to be top 3 in the Finance & Trading category
● Expecting 100 million downloads on all the app platforms (Android & iOS)
● The company already raised $3million as a seed investment and is going really strong with its
ventures upcoming.
We will be extensively investing in tech stack & security as data privacy is paramount for us.
All of our data centers will be located in the state of the art facilities at Amazon's HQ,
Currently raised $10 million at the market valuation of $100 million diluting 10% equity to our investors.

Sadbhav Minerals Private Limited India

This company deals with the Excavation of minerals in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, we are the 3rd largest mining company in India, we have almost all the major minerals available as of now 2020, Started from a Mineral Liaoning in 2016 to the ownership of almost 16 Mines is an benchmark

We have Manganese Ore Mines which spread in 78 acres of area. Apart from that Limestone Mines in Katni area of Madhya Pradesh, We have Quartz Mines in Rajasthan also we have a very large area of Granite mines in Jhanshi UP.

We are serving the nation from past 4 years, we also provided jobs in small villages where our mines are situated and enlightened more then 200 house with love and care. 

We are expecting our IPO in December 2021.

Maurya Devbuild Private Limited India & Oracle Realinfra Private Ltd India

On the name of Oracle Realinfra Pvt Limited we almost delivered 3 Real-estate project (Apollo Paradise , Apollo Heights and Oracle Palash)

SURGICS Medical Equipments Trading LLC Dubai

Surgics (Full Name) we deal in all kind of surgical item including PPE Kits, Nitrile Gloves, Sanitizer Etc. We are the Top Most Trading Company Specially in the Nitrile Gloves supply chain. We almost delivered more then 150 Million Boxes across the globe and we have more then 85,000 Satisfied Customer base. We have the manufacturing and Supply unit established in Thailand.

India's 1st AI Based P2P Landing Platform

Peer to peer lending or P2P Lending, is the practice of borrowing and lending money directly through an online platform like Loanbud, making it affordable to get loans online compared to banks. Through peer to peer lending, Loanbud is poised to change the way India lends and borrows.

At your discretion, you select the people you want to invest in or get a loan from. At Loanbud, you have the power to choose your terms and enjoy complete transparency.

New Era Of Entertainment

We Completed One Movie Bhaagte Raho and Few web-series as well on ANT Entertainment banner.

Web-Series like COVID-19 and Secret Santa. Our New Netflix Movie Longest Night will be released in 2021

Undigit Media Solutions LTD

Undigit Media Solutions is a Bengaluru based Digital Market Solution Company. With a creative, innovative and an expert team, we work towards delivering accurate, reliable and insightful Digital Solutions. The team is competent and has the proficiency in understanding the nuances of Digital Media. Our novel and innovative ideas have paved way for path breaking marketing campaigns in this competitive market. Our nifty skills, deep understanding and prowess in arenas like Digital Marketing, Social Media and Internet deemed us in delivering quality and superior Marketing Solutions to our clients. We provide a whole package and complete 360 – degree Digital Marketing and Brand Development Solutions. We offer services that include Brand Development, Marketing Solutions and Strategic Consulting. Among the few Digital Marketing Companies, we are also the one who provides a complete E – mail Marketing Solution, ranging from designing custom tailored E – mailers and newsletter to deploying them to the client’s target audience. Hence, the two D’s – Design and Deploy is our main strategy in E – Mail Marketing Solutions. We perform in – depth strategic analysis of online user behavior and Web Metrics to optimize the client’s Digital activities and campaigns to provide best ROI available.

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